Butterfly Weed Seeds

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Butterfly Weed Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co. would like to explain how you can start a butterfly plant in a container. Using butterfly weed seeds, you can grow your own large butterfly bushes easily in a nice, neat container. The good news is that these seeds are easy to germinate and easy to grow. Homegrown Cannabis Co. sells a variety of seeds, and we promote gardening in all of its forms, as gardening in beautiful, healthy, and natural.

Choosing Containers for Your Butterfly Seeds

At the supper table one night, you and the family have decided that you want more butterflies and more hummingbirds up on the patio with you this summer when you are barbecuing. What finer plant than butterfly weed!

When you buy your container, you'll want to make sure that it has holes in the bottom so that the water can drain out. If you don't have holes in the bottom of your container, you'll want to put them there yourself before the soil is filled in. If you wait until your weed is already established to put in your drainage holes, then you could damage the root of the plants. Water needs to drain out so that the toxins within the soil are released, or else, your weed could be poisoned and die.

You can place a shard with an angle over the holes. This will keep the soil from falling out of your container's holes and still allow the water to drain out. We recommend using compost, which can come from your own compost pile or from the local garden store. You may also use potting soil.

Transplanting Butterfly Weed Containers

Obviously, the container that you start your butterfly seeds in will not be the container that it reaches full maturity in. Most people start their butterfly weed seeds in a small Styrofoam cup or even a small pot. Once the plant establishes a strong root system, they will then transplant to a larger container. Note, you do not want to transplant more than twice, and you never want to transplant during flowering. The shock will likely kill your plant. Think of your transplants in container sizes - go from small, medium, to large. You call also go from medium to large.

Before the transplant, you will want to fill typically about 1/3 of the container with your soil or mulch. Then, you'll transplant the weed, set it on top of your soil, and then fill in the sides with your medium.

Please Note

Remember, while it is important that your containers have holes for drainage, you should also use soil or mulch medium that is great at retaining moisture. This is especially true if you live in a hotter climate and you intend to grow your butterfly weed seeds outdoors. The hot climate can bake the moisture and the nutrients right out of your soil if you do not use the right kind.

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