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Silicone Dab Rig
A silicone dab ring from Oil Slick will outlast and outperform the competition. Durable silicone gives a clean experience and makes an excellent conversation starter while being passed around. See our complete collection of Silicone smoking and vaping accessories when you continue to browse our website at Oil Slick.

Nate Norman
Nate Norman is depicted in the Kid Cannabis movie for his adventures in creating a pot smuggling ring importing weed into the United States from Canada. Nate Norman was living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his mother when he was 18. An avid cannabis enthusiast, Nate Norman and his friend Topher Clark, another weed lover, decided to embark on their first cannabis smuggling journey together. Kid Cannabis

Weight Loss Clinic Los Gatos
JumpstartMD is anything but another weight loss clinic in Los Gatos. Our program is different from everything you've tried in the past- and success is within reach when you start the JumpstartMD plan. You'll see weight loss the first week, and until you achieve your ideal weight, just by staying with our plan.
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