Party Pills Online

Party Pills Online

Party pills are psychoactive substances that offer similar effects to ecstasy, LSD or amphetamines. The main ingredient of the party pill is benzylpiparazine. They look like candies or pills and can pass off as regular tablets due to their design.

Are party pills legal?

There is virtually no way to regulate party pills because they are vastly spread. Sellers tout them as herbal highs and regularly change the ingredients to evade legal repercussions. Another form of marketing these pills include labeling them as safe highs, or unregulated dietary pills so that they do not raise alarms with authorities. The legal brand names of party pills include Cok-N, XTC and Xplode.

Common party pills available through RC Meds Online

Amyl nitrate

People typically inhale the crashed pill and get an intense fast high


This party pill is popular because it has a powerful pain-relieving formula. People take it as a pill or find other creative ways to fasten the effect


Many people prefer to buy legal highs of this type because of the pleasurable highs and overall stimulation to the senses. Our store has 135mg pills that give you an anxious state of mind. You can trust our beans Dominos because we do not source our products from upcoming underground laboratories who do not know how to regulate dangerous ingredients that could cause instant malefic results. Other variations include:

  • 2C-B Nexus Blue Bees – This form takes approximately 45 minutes to take effect after the user snorts the powdered form. The duration of its effect can last between ten to twelve hours
  • The 195mg beans
  • The 180mg Anonymous MDMA

How long does piperazine stay in your system?

BZP stays in the system for different durations, according to the different bodily setup. Females have a higher chance of retaining the drug in comparison to males. Another factor that contributes to its slow expelling is a slow metabolism and excess body weight.

Taking a dangerously high dosage will also slow the kidney’s process or flushing it out, as well as taking it at a high frequency. Additionally, your body will retain BZP more if you include other drugs like alcohol and Marijuana during its intake.

How to buy party pills online

The law is becoming increasingly aware of party pills online. While the seller might have enough protection against their identity and location, the buyer should be aware of the results that could follow possession of the drug. The FDA has numerous websites under investigation for suspicion of selling drugs, and continually implements Internet surveillance mechanism to find hard proof evidence.

Our site is aware of all the ways you are at risk and has a safe purchasing and shipping option. The payment methods and reports will not expose the exact details of the transaction hence you will appear to be free of fault to an investigative eye.

RC Meds have coupons for various purchases, which will save you money while buying a significantly large quotient of legal piperazine-containing party pills. Call our phone or send us a direct mail to customize your orders and ease the process.


Party Pills Online
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