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Buy Ethylone Crystal 99% Pure

Buy Ethylone Crystal 99% Pure online which is similar to: MDMA powder. It is slightly less potent than methylone by weight but will produce a similar experience. Recommended dosage: 100-150mg Ethylone, also known as M2, MDEC or bk-MDEA is a stimulant and entactogenic research chemicals that is an analog of MDMA. (methylonedioxymethamphetamine) and falls under the general category of phenetylamines. Ethylone Crystal 99% Pure is very close chemically to its sister compound, methylone. Both methylone and ethylone are analogs of MDMA. Differing by the beta-ketone group, and by the ethyl chain instead of methyl, in the case of ethylone. It appeared on the gray market for distribution as an analog of MDMA in cathinone/bath-salts products around the end of 2011. A common dose is roughly 150mg and the onset takes tipically 30 to 45 minutes. Its duration are anywhere between 2 and 6 hours, with after-effects lasting up to 24h. Effects include a rush of energy, a desire for socialisation, increased appreciation of music, profound sense of empathy and world awareness and a peaceful euphoria.

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