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Buy Pentedrone Powder Online

Buy Pentedrone Powder Online USA. Pentedrone research chemical is Similar to: Methamphetamine.

IUPAC 1-phenyl-2-(methylamino)pentan-1-one
CAS NO. 879669-95-1
Synonyms 2-(methylamino)-1-phenylpentan-1-one, α-methylamino-valerophenone
Formula C12H17NO
Purity ≥ 98 %
Appearance Powder

Recommended dosage: 200mg
Pentedrone is an analog of methamphetamine and has been found in many “legal highs” since 2010.
Structural similarity to Methamphetamine:

Buy Pentedrone online, otherwise known as 2-(methylamino)-1-phenylpentan-1-one or α-methylamino-valerophenone, is a research chemical with apparently stimulant effects.

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